The Checkout Line (2017)

Official Selection

In a dystopian American future, two strangers decide to end their lives at a center for government-sanctioned suicide, commonly known as 'Checkout Lines.' But once they meet, fate may have other plans. Hope and love rage against the darkness of despair in this 10 min sci-fi drama. Starring Bailey Newman, Julie Reifers, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007), Bending All The Rules (2002) and Shezi Sardar, The Punisher (2017), Elementary (2014).

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Attack of the Killer Chairs 2 (2014)

Runtime: 2min, 50 sec.

Runtime: 10min.

Hitch (2019)

NYC. Late night. Two young men enter a subway train, only one comes out. But that is just the beginning of this nightmare.​​

Wrong Train (2014)


Cemetery Hill (In Development)


Another professor learns a gruesome lesson in kinetics when strange occurrences happen within his classroom after hours.

Runtime: 8min.​

Runtime: 1 min, 30 sec.

In the near future, a group of Marines is sent on a mission into the Alaskan wilderness to take control of a remote outpost where they discover a superhuman enemy lurking in the darkness.

'Cemetery Hill is Predator by way of H.P. Lovecraft.'

The Boogeyman (2014)

Luminosa (Post Production)

During a midnight thunderstorm, a young girl awakens to find a sinister presence lurking in her house.

Official Oaxaca FilmFest Endorsement.

A man learns that the young hitchhiker he has picked up is not what she seemed... at least to him.

Three college friends go on an expedition to explore a remote cave despite warnings from the locals.

2017 Just Before Midnight Noir Film Fest