Our fall kicks off with some terrific news by way of Final Draft. Our feature sci-fi horror screenplay Cemetery Hill has advanced to the Quarter-Finals of the 2018 Big Break Screenwriting Contest. The top 3%. This is truly wonderful news for our indy film project.

Still frame from the shoot for the upcoming music video 'Baby Come Home' by William Ryder. Shot on location in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

Director: Cornelius Broderick.

A Nightbreed Films/DarkerShade Ent. production.


Nightbreed Films is thrilled to announce the start of production on the comic book The Shield Collector, based on a short screenplay of the same name.

Two NYPD cops get more then they bargained for when

responding to a distress call in a bad part of town.

Writer: Cornelius Broderick

Illustrator: Tadeo F. Phillips



Director: Cornelius Broderick
Writer: Cornelius Broderick and Melvin Bland
Line Producer: Kasuba Mukuka

​Director of Photography: Snigdha Kapoor

We are happy to announce the film adaptation of the One Act Off-Broadway play Hitch written by James McLindon and directed by Cornelius Broderick is now in post production. Stay tuned for updates. We hope to have the film in sound design and score by December and finished by mid January for an early 2019 festival push. We will also be holding a private screening in NYC.


Shot ultra low budget, with an old school hip-hop theme, director Cornelius Broderick's fourth music video for William Ryder, 'Lion In This Concrete World' has just wrapped and is currently in post production.

Release date: May 8th, 2019.


Copyright 2019. Nightbreed Films. All Rights Reserved.




Nightbreed Films is excited to unveil the first promo poster for the upcoming science fiction drama The Checkout Line.

Poster design:

​Cornelius Broderick.

Oaxaca FilmFest7, Oaxaca City, Mexico. Oct 8 -15. 2016. Cornelius Broderick's sci-fi horror script Cemetery Hill is a finalist in the Sci-Fi category as well as a nominee for Best Original Concept and Best Script.



Double dose of good news on this Friday. The revised script Cemetery Hill made the finals at two major horror film festivals. One of which resulting in the publication of the screenplay in paperback and Ebook format. Contact us for info on obtaining your free copy. Open only to the first 50 responses.

Nightbreed films is happy to announce the revised first cut teaser/trailer for the upcoming science-fiction horror Cemetery Hill is an official selection at the 2017 Midwest Horror Film Festival.



Our latest production, hip hop music video for the single 'Shooting Back' by William Ryder. Directed and shot by Cornelius Broderick on location in Cypress Hills and Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, New York. 


2016 Official Oaxaca Filmfest Endorsement.



Our first project stepping outside of the horror/sci-fi zone, we are thrilled to announce our film HITCH has completed post production and is ready to submit to film festivals worldwide. Starring Meghan St. Thomas and Joshua Mark Sienkiewicz. Written by James McLindon. Adapted for the screen and directed by Cornelius Broderick. Updates to follow on upcoming festival dates and screenings.

​A man picks up a young hitchhiker who is not what she seemed... at least to him.

The sci-fi drama The Checkout Line has been awarded a Silver Award at the 2017 North American Film Awards and selected to screen at two more film festivals, the 2017 Sanford International Film Festival and 2017 Wasteland Film Festival.

We are thrilled to announce that Wrong Train has been

selected to screen at the 2015 Fright Night Film Fest in

Louisville, Kentucky.


Exciting news from Paris. Filmmaker Cornelius Broderick's showreel won the award for Best Demo Reel at the 2016 Paris Play Film Festival.

Editor: Yos Ciputra Wiranata. Post Supervisor: Claudia Murdoch.

Nightbreed Films in association with Darkershade Ent. is pleased to present the release of William Ryder's The Bedroom Crucifixion. Directed and shot by Cornelius Broderick, on location in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, NY and Secaucus, NJ.

C. Broderick with producer Chloe Tuck at the closing ceremony and awards.

Wrong Train made it's premiere at the 13th annual Big Mini Media Festival at the Spike Lee screening room at Long Island University on Saturday, Nov 15, 2014.

Special thanks to festival directors Larry Banks and Marilyn Almonte for a great experience. The cast and crew all had a blast, met some great people, and enjoyed some wonderful films.

Photo insert at right: Writer/director Cornelius Broderick with lead actress Sarah Bosch at the event after the screening.

With writer/director/producer Kasuba Mukuka at the opening night party.

Some fabulous mid-summer news. Our horror script in development Cemetery Hill advanced to the Quarter-Finals of the 2018 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards. 

Shooting on location in Bed-Stuy, BK, Cypress Hills, Queens, and Secaucus, NJ we are thrilled to announce that principal photography has been completed on the latest music video The Bedroom Crucifixion by William Ryder. The project is currently in post production. Stay tuned for updates on the completion and release of the music video.

Exciting news today. We are happy to announce pre-production has begun on the Darkershade Entertainment/Nightbreed Films upcoming horror/thriller short 'Luminosa.' We are currently casting in the NYC area for three roles--STEPHEN: 20s, alpha male, athletic. MARIA: 20s, girl-next-door. NATE: 20s, thin, history buff.

Please send all materials to: cpbroderick3@gmail.com.


"CEMETERY HILL is Predator by way of H.P. Lovecraft."

Exciting news today, Cemetery Hill, the feature sci-fi horror screenplay places in the quarterfinals of the prestigious 2017 Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting.

A thank you to Robert Johnson, U.S. Marine combat vet as military script consultant.

This is great news for Cemetery Hill.

Nightbreed Films is thrilled to present our first promotional poster for Cemetery Hill, the science-fiction horror currently in development.






Great news from Hollywood, Ca.

Cornelius Broderick won the award for Best Horror Demo Reel at Shriekfest 2016. Congratulations go out to Claudia Murdoch and Alastair Murdoch for their collaboration with editor Yos Cipruta Wiranata and his excellent cut.




"A gripping read, with some truly spine-chilling moments."

                                                          2016 Screamfest.


Production stills from William Ryder's upcoming Spanish/English music video 'Vacation.' Shot in East Orange, NJ.

Cemetery Hill has been recognized as a screenplay semi-finalist at the 2016 Screamfest. Hollywood, Ca.


The newest promo poster for the short film Animaniac. The semester film Animaniac was shot over three days during spring of 2014 in Brooklyn, East Village, NYC, and the Jersey Shore. The film is currently in post-production.


​​A bullied boy who sees acts of violence in the form of cartoons grows up to become a violent and misunderstood vigilante.

We are thrilled to announce our latest project, the horror film Luminosa is nearing completion of post-production.

Shot on location in Point Pleasant, NJ, the film follows three college friends who set out to explore the Waitomo Caves of New Zealand despite warnings from the village locals.

Starring Ian Sanphy, Peyotn Michelle Edwards, and Matthew Serra. Directed by Cornelius Broderick. Written by Craig Cure. Executive Produced by William Ryder.

Trailer release date: October 31, 2019.